Renewable power overtakes fossil fuel

Government statistics show that renewable electricity generation outperformed fossil fuels for the first year in 2020.

According to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s energy trends report, renewable sources provided 43 per cent of the UK’s electricity. Fossil fuels generated 38.5 per cent only.

In 2020, onshore and offshore wind generated 24.2 per cent of the UK’s renewable power, which breaks down to 13 per cent from offshore wind and 11.2 per cent from onshore wind. Together, renewables and nuclear power generated 59 per cent.

The increase in renewable generation in 2020 was driven by high levels of wind power, which increased by 18 per cent compared with 2019.”

Fossil fuel generation in 2020 was the lowest value on the published data series at 120.5 TWh, 38.5 per cent of electricity generated.

8 April 2021

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