Call for all new homes in Scotland to be built to Passivhaus standard

A proposed private member’s bill is calling for all new housing in Scotland to be built to the Passivhaus standard. The bill, which is being put out for consultation until July 27, would apply to every new home built by councils, housing associations or the private sector.

Alex Rowley, the MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, developed the bill in response to recommendations by the Scottish Climate Assembly which voted to update building standards to ensure that, within the next five years, all new housing is built to Passivhaus standards (or an agreed Scottish equivalent), to create healthy homes for people while also taking into account whole life carbon costs and environmental impact.

"A move to the Passivhaus ‘gold standard’ for all new-build homes would be radical, ambitious, practical and forward-thinking,” Mr Rowley said. “It would future proof homes and prevent them from having to be retrofitted in the near future, upskill the construction sector and make Scotland a leading player with exportable skills and knowledge."

11 July 2022