Do I need building experience to self build?

Many selfbuilders have never built anything before. The majority end their projects successfully, and most contribute only marginally in practical terms – their input is mainly administrative.

Can I manage a self build myself without any qualifications?

Theoretically yes, though it is a good idea to have an expert (architect or main contractor) on hand to offer advice.

Most selfbuilders limit their project management to employing contractors and supplying materials, which requires the ability to organise. That includes knowing how to work out a budget, how to prioritise, how to negotiate and knowing how to ask questions.

Where can I get help and advice for my self build?

There any many dedicated websites including this one. The government-funded self build portal and the planning portal are both excellent sites.

There are also plenty of informative books including Robert Matthews’ All About SelfBuild and Mark Brinkley’s The Housebuilder’s Bible.

National and local self build shows are also worth a visit, as well as the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon which has year-round exhibits.