What is the most hassle-free route to building a home?

A ‘turnkey’ project – where all aspects of the build are undertaken by a package company – is usually the easiest route to take to building your own home. This means that you hire an architect or a design and build package company to handle everything.

They design your house, source a contractor, project manage the build, supply the materials and hand over the finished property on completion, for a fixed fee, so all you do is turn the key! This is also the most costly route, however, because you won’t have to lift a finger except sign off on the look you want. Many design and build companies favour timber frame, but there are some who also offer brick and block construction or other modern methods of construction.

They take all the stress out of a self build by dealing with planning and other bureaucracy such as Building Regs, insurance and warranties. They will usually require a large payment up front and then the remainder in pre-arranged stages throughout the project, so finance must be in place before any agreement can be reached.